Good Cook Products

I am thrilled to announce that I was asked to be a Good Cook Kitchen Expert.  I will be providing recipes to Good Cook to feature on their website using their wonderful cooking and baking products. 


  1. Hello Ramona - I am Dave Clark an American retired and living near Hikkaduwa. My Sri Lankan friend, Janaka Deepthi and I have two wedding halls and just purchased the Nature Resort - now called Shiny Lakeside Resort near Hikkaduwa. We are putting together a website for the Resort and I was wondering if it might be possible to use a few of your beautiful photos for some menu items on the webpage. I will be taking my own photos as soon as possible so we would not need to use your photos for a long time. Of course we can give you full acknowledgment for any photos we would use .

    Thank you very much - your webpage is amazing

    Dave Calrk

    1. Dear Mr. Clark,

      Yes, you may use my photos. As you stated, please acknowledge Curry and Comfort as the source. I would like to see when your webpage is up, that would be very nice.

      Thank you for asking permission.

      Curry and Comfort

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You have such a positive attitude that is really inspiring.


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