About Me/ FAQs/Contact

Hi!  My name is Ramona.  I created this blog because I love to cook and share recipes.  

I will be posting step by step recipes with pictures so you can cook some of the dishes that I am either learning to cook myself or have mastered cooking.

Remember, all my recipes are adjustable.  Cook to your taste and substitute if necessary.  I cook from all over the world and the United States... so I hope you enjoy the culinary journey with me...

Ramona : )     

To contact me... email me at:   curryandcomfort@gmail.com

Here some more fun facts about me....
1.  I am a wife and stay at home mother of two little kids.

2.  When I think of home, I think of  a tropical island called Sri Lanka. 

3.  I am crazy about spicy food! 

4.  I enjoy scrapbooking and taking photos.

5.  I am currently using a point and shoot Kodak Easyshare z712 for all my photos.  I don't "edit" the photos so what you see in the food pictures on my blog is what came off my stove or out of my oven.   But I am keeping my fingers crossed that a Digital SLR is in my future. : )  **Update**  As of Sept 1. 2012:  I finally took the plunge and bought a Canon Rebel T3i.  Now I am in the process of learning to use it. I need to still invest in a good macro lens and some help with lighting.   I still use my Kodak for my step by step photos because those can be messy and I would not dare to get my beautiful new camera messy. :)

6.   I collect cookbooks.  At last count I have almost 400...My husband always wonders when the madness will end! But I love to read recipes.  Researching recipes is fun and inspiring to me.

7.  I am not a fan of cilantro.  I eat so many leafy greens... but cilantro is my kryptonite.  So you will never see the stuff in my recipes.  If you enjoy it, please add it to your dishes, I would never hold anyone back. : )
8.  I am a morning person.  I love to be up before the sun sometimes and feel like I have accomplished so much before the family gets up.

9.  I love the Spring and Fall Seasons... but could literally hibernate during winter!  Winter only inspires me to cuddle up, keep warm and make lots of soups.

10.  I am usually the kind of cook that eye-balls my ingredients and don't measure things.    That's why baking can be a big challenge for me.  It's been a challenge to pull out my measuring cups and spoons to write these recipes.   Of course any recipe can be adjusted to your individual tastes. 

11.  I love easy fake-out recipes and quick recipe tricks.  I love to get help from the store by using cake mixes and prepared  ingredients, but still get a great final result that  has my special take on it.